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Welcome to Innovamed Ästhetik

In our society a good appearance is considered an important asset. Who looks good makes a better impression and is able to draw people´s attention. But beauty or good appearance is something that does not always come naturally.


This is where INNOVAMED can help you. Thanks to the modern plastic cosmetic surgery and laser medicine, multiple aesthetic corrections are possible with particularly gentle, non-invasive methods. By specializing in gentle, innovative treatment methods, INNOVAMED has become the suitable partner for any issues of individual aesthetics.



~~~ NEWS ~~~

  • Breast augmentation with Macrolane
    It allows volume restoration in a simple and natural way. By injecting Macrolane, new volume is created ... [more]
  • Ideal measures through fine shapingLiposuction
    The local „tumescent“ anaesthesia is considered the most gentle and safest method for the liposuction of the inconvenient fat cushions. ... [more]
  • The"Lipodissolve-injection" (Injektion-Lipolysis)
    It is exactly where we specifically would like to, that we cannot reduce or have enormous difficulties to reduce our fat deposits. However, now there is the possibility to simply dissolve these disgusting little fat deposits with an injection, the “lipodissolve injection” (Injection-lipolysis) ...   [more]
  • Aptos Lifting. Softlifiting. Lifting with threads.
    "Thread-lift" refers to threads inserted into the skin, lifting it ... [more]
  • Fraxel-Laser-Treatment.
    Fractional rejuvenation by means of millions of light points ... [more]
  • Mesotherapy.
    Mesotherapy is a therapy-procedure used in France since 1952 ... [more]