What is Aquafilling® bodyline?

Was ist Aquafilling® bodyline?


Aquafilling® bodyline is a volume filler used for body contouring:

  • Breast augmentation with asymmetry correction
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Correction of soft-tissue defects

Breast augmentation and buttock augmentation without surgery

Aquafilling® is an injectable gel composed of a physiological solution of sodium chloride (97 to 98 %) and copolymer polyamide (2 to 3 %). Thanks to this innovative gel, there is no longer any need to undergo surgery to reshape body contours and build up volume.

When is Aquafilling® used?

  • Buttock augmentation with natural shaping
  • Breast augmentation with natural shaping
  • Asymmetry correction of breasts and buttocks
  • Correction of soft tissue defects after liposuction

What are the indications for Aquafilling® bodyline?

  • Additional volume and shape in the reconstruction of glandular tissue in cases of grade 1 ptosis
  • Asymmetry of breast volume
  • Post-operative deformation and buttock irregularities
  • “Thin” buttocks
  • Correction of soft tissue defects after liposuction

How long will the effect last?

As this is a minimally invasive procedure, social activities can be resumed within one day. Nevertheless, the effect achieved by this method is long-lasting. Contouring and volume reconstruction will last more than five years.

Advantages of using Aquafilling® bodyline

Minimally invasive procedure – painless Return to social activities within one day Long-lasting effect Naturally beautiful appearance 


What are the post-treatment recommendations?

The treatment with AQUA filling™ requires no downtime. Strict hygiene should be observed around the injection sites for two weeks. Patients are advised to avoid physical strain and the exertion of pressure on the treated areas. A special medical bra should be worn during the recovery period.