3 – 4 hours, depending on the individual case
Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospital stay: 
Not necessary / outpatient
After surgery:  
Intense recovery period of 2 weeks, sports & strenuous physical activities after 6 weeks

The injection of autologous fat for breast augmentation offers an alternative to breast implant surgery. It can be the ideal choice for women who desire fuller breasts but are uncomfortable with the idea of having implants in their bodies. Due to methodological improvements in fat processing and injection technique, breast augmentation with autologous fat has become increasingly popular over the years. The major advantage of autologous fat is its compatibility as the body’s own tissue.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is the ideal option for all

  •  Who are skeptical about implants
  •  Who have adequate areas of excess fat that are suitable for liposuction
  •  Who are seeking an increase of half a cup size up to a maximum of
  • A full cup size


Combined body contouring: The liposuction for the purpose of fat harvesting optimizes the silhouette whilst simultaneously providing the autologous fat for the breast augmentation.


How is the breast augmentation carried out? Extraction and injection of autologous fat


The harvested material is purified and the pure fat tissue (with stem cells and PRP) is injected under local anesthesia directly under the skin in front of the mammary gland (subcutaneously). After injection, the tissue is spread out by means of a massage to achieve a homogenous result. As part of the transferred tissue will be absorbed by the body over the next couple of weeks, it is necessary to inject a greater volume than is needed for the targeted result.


What kind of complications and side effects can occur?

Complications which may occur with liposuction, the injection of fat tissue under the skin or as a result of the injection of the anesthetic include infections with reddening of the skin, pain, pigment shifting, hyperthermia and tissue death (necrosis) as well as injuries to blood vessels, bleeding, secondary bleeding and hematoma. These side effects will normally subside of their own accord. The method of water-jet assisted liposuction used for this procedure will further minimize the risk of possible side effects.

Under- or overcorrections may occur. In the case of under-corrections, the treatment would have to be repeated. Overcorrections will subside of their own accord due to the natural absorption of the body’s own filling material.


Benefits at a glance

sehr natürliches Ergebnis Completely natural result Completely natural feel, no foreign body sensation No scarring No allergic reaction Dual benefits by removing fat from problem areas Liposuction and body sculpting 

Limitations of autologous fat implantation

  • There are limitations as to the increase in volume that can be achieved in one single session
  • Breasts can be increased by half a cup to one cup size in one surgical procedure
  • A combined treatment with implants is possible for patients who desire a sizable increase in breast volume


We would be happy to discuss your options for breast augmentation with you during a private consultation and look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.