Breast augmentation is not only a medical decision, but also a personal one. Our self-confidence determines who we are and how we do present ourselves to the outer world. Not every woman feels the need of a breast augmentation, but many women have benefited from an enormous personal satisfaction and well-being.

For those women who decide that a breast augmentation is the right thing for them, there are many possibilities open. The more you know about the operation and the possibilities available, the easier it will be for you to take the best choice.

Just consider that doctors can advice you and relatives or friends will tell you what to do, but only you can make the right decision about a breast augmentation.


Possible incision for breast augmentation (without lifting)

Purpose of the operation

The purpose of the operation is to achieve an aesthetic and natural breast form and size. With patients having different sized breasts, it might be more difficult to attain a satisfactory symmetry. All in all, no such absolute symmetry exists in nature.

If the breast has only to be augmented, a little incision along the lower side of the breast, along the breast areola or along the armpit (see illustration 1) has to be done. A pouch is formed before or behind the breast muscle in which the implant is placed. If endogenous tissue (maybe in combination with an implant) is planned to be used, we should advice you separately.

Brust Implantat

Breast previous to (a) the operation and after introducing an implant behind (b) o before (c) the
breast muscle

If a small hanging breast is augmented, it might be necessary to retire the exceeding skin and to place the nipples higher (lifting). This will leave some additional scars, although they can be hidden behind a bra or swimsuit.

There are different kinds of implants available that are completely or partly made of silicon. We will be glad to explain the advantages and disadvantages to you.

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