Length of surgery:  3 – 4 hours, depending on the individual case
Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospital stay: 0 – 1 days
After surgery: Intense recovery period of 2 weeks, sports & strenuous physical activities after 6 weeks


You desire a surgical reduction of your breast or a breast lift? Depending on the initial situation and requirements, you might need a simple reduction, a reduction with additional lift or a simple lift. After your decision in favor of or against such an operation, we will assume that you have been informed about the surgical procedure, as well as the risks and possible side-effects. Please read the information sheet carefully before you discuss the details with your doctor.

What happens during surgery?
The purpose of the procedure is to achieve an aesthetic and natural shape and size of the breast. A breast reduction might also be indicated for medical reasons, for example when large breasts lead to back problems or skin damage. The breasts are accurately measured before surgery and the incision line drawn on the skin.The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.



Illustration 1: Vertical incision


Vertical incision (ill. 1)

In techniques leading to fewer scars (vertical), the breasts are lifted through an incision along the areola (that is hereby normally reduced) and a vertical incision from the areola to the breast fold. The exceeding skin is tightened and removed along the vertical incision. If there is a significant amount of excess skin, the vertical incision can end in the breast fold, beside or underneath the breast fold.

can be combined with liposuction of the breast. As these techniques lead to less significant scar formation, the final breast shape is not immediately visible. Final results cannot be seen until some months later. The glands are fixed on the breast wall in such a manner that the breasts initially appear very high. They sink by themselves within weeks after the operation. This process can take longer with some patients.



Illustration 2: T-incision


T- incision (ill. 2)

With the T-incision technique, the incisions are made along the areola and the breast fold, and connected by a vertical incision. The horizontal incision along the breast fold rarely reaches the breastbone, and in the other direction it ends underneath the armpit. With this method, the final shape of the breast is already visible after the swelling disappears.

With both techniques, the nipples have to be moved upwards. In order to maintain the blood circulation in the nipples, they have to be moved together with the gland tissue. If the breasts are very large, it might be necessary to completely severe the nipples. They are reintroduced as a separate transplant after the breast reduction. In this case, breastfeeding cannot be maintained and the sensibility of the nipple is significantly reduced in the long run. Your physician will advise you on the most suitable method for your needs.


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