The RF-blepharoplasty is a gentle and effective procedure used for lifting the upper and lower eyelid.

Based on special methods of aesthetic and reconstructive lid surgery, a tightening of the eyelid muscles can be achieved, which is essential for a long-lasting effect.

The tightening of the upper eyelid is achieved by a gentle lift of the tissue using high-frequency technology. This technique offers major advantages over the mere removal of skin often performed by aesthetic surgeons.

Procedure, Anesthesia & Aftercare


The eyelid correction is usually performed under local anesthesia. It can also be carried out under twilight sedation at the patient’s request. This alternative is very often used for patients who have a tendency to develop high blood pressure. The twilight sleep reduces blood pressure, which is not only of advantage regarding the risk of bleeding, but also significantly minimizes the swelling of the eyelids after the procedure.

Surgical Procedure

The eyelid lift will take about 20 minutes on each side: The skin excess (muscle strips & fat deposits) is removed and the tissue lifted using high-frequency technology. A knotless suture is inserted under the skin. The thin suture line is placed exactly along the natural creases of the upper lids and thus invisible when the eyes are open. Sterile thin plaster stripes will cover this line. The eyelids should be cooled with cold compresses during the first few hours following surgery.


As a preventive measure, the swelling is treated homeopathically on the day of surgery and during the subsequent days. After approximately 7 days, the plaster stripes and the skin suture will usually be gently removed. You will be allowed to use makeup after about ten days. The suture lines will be treated with a special cream und become less visible over the next few days. The cream must not be applied before the 10th day after surgery in order not to soften up the wound prematurely.

Treatment Goal

A natural lift of the eyelids, rounded off by a refreshed and rested eye appearance.