The aging-process of our skin, from the fortieth year onwards, carries along with it the well-known aging symptoms derived from a loss of firmness in the skin of face and neck. As a consequence of the mentioned lack of firmness of the skin, quite often the clearly older appearance, if compared with the “self perceived age”, leads to unhappiness or depression.

A facelift enhances the possibility to restore the harmony between the outer appearance and the inner feeling.

The facelift operation is generally carried out under general anaesthesia. It is however possible to perform the intervention in a semi-conscious state under local anaesthesia.

Do not be impressed by the numerous terms used to refer to facelift operations such as minilift, biolift, medilift, foreheadlift, necklift or SMAS-Technique. They refer to different operation techniques the plastic surgeon uses to obtain the best possible results. In addition to the facelifting techniques, it might also be necessary to straighten the small wrinkles around the lips by means of the modern laser technology or to carry out a reduction of the loose and sunken fat pads by means of ultrasounds.

The incisions for any of the corresponding facelifting techniques are always planned in such a way as to remain unnoticed. In the temple area, they are hidden between the hair and, in addition, along the outer ear. Fears of a remaining rigidity are not any more justified, for a multiple layer lifting is used that does not damage the natural facial expression, so that the fear to be left with a „mask-like face”, does not apply nowadays. After 10 days, the suture material is removed and you can put make-up on again.

The effect of a facelift remains for 7-10 years and, if a repetition of the intervention is desired, it is possible from a surgical point of view.

With the present modern operational methods that are adjusted to the particular needs of every patient, we can achieve a significant tightening of the facial tissue and therefore a much younger and fresh facial appearance, without losing facial features and therefore the expressiveness of your face.