Length of treatment: Approximately 2 hours
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia
Hospital stay: Not necessary / outpatient
  Intense recovery period of 10 days, sports and strenuous physical activities after 4 weeks


A gold lifting offers the opportunity to counteract the first signs of skin aging in the face or in other body regions (e. g. sagging, wrinkles). Fine 24-carat gold threads interwoven with polyglycol threads are inserted into subcutaneous layers. Due to the fact that the gold threads are quite fragile, the accompanying thread is meant to stabilize the gold threads during the implantation procedure. A grid is constructed for the correction of larger areas. The best results can be achieved on face, neck, inner thighs, inner upper arms, and on the abdominal area. The first signs of visible success become apparent after 4 to 6 weeks and the results last up to 5 to 10 years, depending on the individual case. This rejuvenation method can be repeated as often as desired and does not interfere with any other additional treatments.



According to latest studies at the University of Murcia (Spain), the mechanism of this rejuvenation method can be rated at a high histological level. The accompanying thread is completely absorbed within 60 days. The gold thread triggers a reaction known as “granulomatosis” or “imperfect granulomatosis”, which will almost only consist of a “histiocyte crown” with active peripheral fibroblasts. The implanted gold threads stimulate the constant production of collagen.

No giant cells with multiple nucleus or allergic reactions could be observed during these studies (image 1). By coloring the reticulin it has been observed that a great number of these cells are developed along the gold thread. By means of macroscopic examinations, a tubular tissue formation can be observed (image 2). As a result of these cell processes, a reinforced hydration and skin rejuvenation occurs, leading to the desired lifting effect without modifying facial features or leaving any negative impact.


Material characteristics

Straight, triangular, non-traumatic needle: gold and polyglycol threads are tightly interwoven, ensuring minimal discontinuity and minimal trauma. The triangular point guarantees a simple penetration of the skin as well as the quick closing of the thread channel. 24-carat gold: a material favored due to its anti-allergic properties.

Polyglycol thread: the interwoven polyglycol thread, due to its suppleness, makes a simple treatment possible. It is reabsorbed through hydrolysis without any swelling reactions. Package: the gold thread kit is sterilized with ethylene oxide, thereby sterilizing not only the surface but also the inside of the thread. The gold thread kit package is closed until the start of the application. All the mentioned characteristics allow for a simple implantation of the gold threads, thus preventing complicated manipulations that could lead to possible contaminations.

Implantation technique

After disinfecting the targeted area, a local anesthetic (vasoconstrictive) is infiltrated into the insertion and extractions spots. The envisaged path of the gold threads is marked with a felt tip pen. The gold threads are placed under the skin. The insertion and extraction spots should never coincide with the marked spots (tattoo effect). After the implantation of the gold thread along the targeted path, the proximal end of the thread is compressed with a finger so that it does not protrude from the insertion spot. The rest of the thread is pulled back and upwards in order to create a skin fold. The skin is then compressed with hooked scissors and the thread cut off. The thread should disappear subcutaneously after the smoothing of the skin. After the treatment, paper plaster stripes are applied to the treated region to restrict and minimize facia expression for 24 hours.