Ideal measures through fine-shaping liposuction

A simple look into the mirror makes a lot of people feel unhappy. This is due to those annoying little fat deposits in the so-called “problem areas”. They cannot be reduced by means of sports or diets. The only way to get rid of them is through liposuction.

Fat distribution in our bodies is a matter of genetics. Even if a person follows a very healthy diet and makes a lot of exercise that is no guaranty for a perfect body. This constitutes a conclusion to which many people arrive along their lives, even those without medical experience. Fat deposits on chin, neck, stomach, hips, bottom, thighs and calves tend to ignore any exhausting physical activity and cannot be magically eliminated by eating light-products and taking diet pills.

The methods once used for aspirating the fat-deposits were complicated and not completely harmless. Besides, the results did not always satisfy the patients from the cosmetic point of view.

Liposuction by means of ultrasound is an alternative for those who do not want to run any risks for their ideal body. The treatment is carried out in three steps, for which only a local anesthetic is necessary.

At first the area to be treated is infiltrated with a special solution (tumescent solution). After that, the fat cells can be dissolved and easily sucked up with an ultrasound-cannula. The complete treatment is carried out through 2 to 5 mm incisions and no visible scars are left behind. The duration of the treatment is around 2 – 3 hours. After the liposuction procedure, performed without general anesthesia, the patient can get up and go home on his own.

The danger of dent formations that could not completely be eliminated with the mechanical method or the danger of the so-called fat embolism is significantly reduced due to the new careful method.

So, now, to be handsome or attractive, there is no need to suffer.

Fat cells that are eliminated will not form again. The reason is that all fat cells are already created at babyhood, and putting on weight simply means the already existing fat cells get bigger. This means that the treatment for the corresponding area is only necessary once in a lifetime.

Liposuction with local tumescent anesthesiaOperative procedure for liposuction

Local tumescent anesthesia – a safe alternative

Local tumescent anesthesia is the most caring and safest method for the liposuction of the annoying fat deposits. Depending on the body region, during the treatment, several liters of a special saline solution are infiltrated into the deep fat layer. By mixing up local pain relievers and vasoconstrictive substances the treatment is painless and the deep fat layer is loosened up, while the bleedings are reduced. The liposuction is therefore quite ”gentle“ for the patient.

Treatment areas

Most treatments take place in the following areas, considered “problem areas”:

• Stomach

• Inner and outer tigh

• Hips

• Upper arms

• Knees / calves

• Double chin

What do you have to expect?

• The treatment is carried out ambulant, so that after it, you can immediately go back home.

• Previous to it, some examinations have to be done, such as for example a control of the blood

• For the first days after the procedure, a made-to-measure compression garment (resembling a
girdle) provides a better and quicker regeneration of the tissue. This girdle should be used
during the day for some weeks.

• Due to the method used in this operation, during and after it, there is practically no pain.

• Already a few days afterwards, you can simply continue performing your job. More intensive
physical activities as sports should be avoided for 1 – 2 weeks. Intensive sunbaths should
also be avoided.

The safe method

• The operation is carried out under local anesthesia, a general anesthesia not being

• The fine cannulas used (2 mm and 3 mm diameter) guarantee a homogeneous elimination of
fat without node formation.

• As patients can stand up during the procedure, an optimal shaping according to the patient’s
wishes can be done.

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