When is scar correction reasonable?

In some cases, scars can be topically corrected for example by using ointments, pressure bandages, frigotherapy, or with the help of injections or tattoos. Nevertheless, corrective surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • when a contraction or tension in the scar occurs with the consequent damage of mobility or growth
  • when an increased vulnerability occurs with a tearing of the scar or a grazing of the upper skin layers if strained
  • when danger exists for a malign development of the scar tissue, for example after a radiotherapy or when dealing with a very old and unstable scar;
  • when an excessive scar formation or scar tumors (keloids), reddening , thickening or strong itching occurs
  • when unpleasant remarkable cosmetic scar formation occurs, for example for unevennesses, retractions, distortions of discolorations.

Any surgical correction that suits your needs will be explained to you by your physician in a briefing session.

How is the surgical intervention carried out?

It is carried out under local or general anaesthesia. You will be separately informed on the details and risks of general anaesthesia. For uncomplicated cases, it is sometimes enough to simply cut out the scar and stitch it up again.

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