Length of surgery: 3 – 4 hours, depending on the individual case
Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospital stay: Not necessary / outpatient
After surgery: Intense recovery period of 2 weeks, sports & strenuous physical activities after 6 weeks


The injection of autologous fat can also be used as an alternative to implants for buttock augmentation. It can be the ideal choice for women who are bothered by a sagging, flattened buttock but are uncomfortable with the idea of having implants in their bodies. Using the same method as for breast augmentation, it is also possible to enhance the size of buttocks with your body’s own fat which has previously been removed from another body area.

Methodological improvements in fat processing and injection technique increased not only the popularity of breast augmentation by fat transfer but also that of buttock augmentation. The major advantage of autologous fat is its excellent compatibility as the body’s own material.

You are an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation by fat transfer

  • If you are skeptical about implants
  • If you have adequate areas of excess fat that are suitable for liposuction
  • If your buttocks are saggy or flattened (e. g. after a diet)
  • If you are seeking to plump up the natural curves of your buttocks
  • If you are seeking to enhance your buttocks to any desired size (in several steps)

→ Combined body contouring: The liposuction for the purpose of fat harvesting optimizes the silhouette whilst simultaneously providing the autologous fat for the breast augmentation.


How is the buttock augmentation performed? Extraction and injection of autologous fat

After injection of a tumescent fluid for the dislodging and water-jet assisted harvesting of fat cells, the autologous fat is usually removed under local anesthesia or on request under general anesthesia from an inconspicuous donor site (e.g. inner knee, abdomen or hips), without leaving any visible trace. After the fat has been harvested using very fine microneedles, it is purified and injected into the buttocks. The surgical procedure generally takes around three hours, depending on the number of areas to be suctioned. One benefit is that the buttock is the ideal area for the injection of autologous fat: because fat survives best if injected into tissue with good blood circulation (in this case the gluteal muscle). At the end of surgery, a cotton bandage is applied to the treated buttock areas. A compression garment must be worn over the areas that have undergone liposuction.

What are the most common complications and side effects?

  • Bleeding
  • Infection (poor wound healing) with reddening of the skin, pain, hyperthermia and tissue death. The risk of infection, however, is very low.
  • On very rare occasions, as in any other surgical intervention, embolism or thrombosis can also occur in the case of buttock augmentation with autologous fat.
  • During a normal healing process the injection sites can be initially severely reddened, but these reactions will fade in time and become inconspicuous.
  • No allergic reactions can occur, since no foreign substances, such as implants, have been used.

Benefits at a glance

Completely natural result Completely natural feel, no foreign body sensation No scarring No allergic reaction Dual benefits by removing fat from problem areasLiposuction and body sculpting

Limitations of autologous fat implantation

  • There are limitations as to the increase in volume that can be achieved in one single session
  • Several sessions might be necessary in order to achieve the desired size
  • For those patients desiring an extreme increase in volume, a combined treatment with implants is possible.

What to expect after the surgical procedure

Due to possible swellings on the buttocks, normal sitting will be strongly impaired during the first days following surgery. Any bruising or swelling will usually subside during the following weeks of recovery. The good blood supply of the gluteal muscle makes it easy for the fat cells to take root in the tissue over the next few days and weeks. Nevertheless, not all the fat cells can take root in the muscle tissue, which makes a volume loss unavoidable. Final results will be visible approximately three months after surgery. For patients desiring a further increase in volume, the treatment can be repeated after six months.


We would be happy to discuss your options for buttock augmentation with you during a private consultation and look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.