the "Lipodissolve-injection"


It’s often the small things that bother us. Specific parts of our body are sometimes resistant against weight loss. Troublesome areas in the form of fat deposits can be successfully dissolved with liposuction. Small annoying fat deposits can now be dissolved with a simple injection, the so-called fat-dissolve injection. Developed in Brazil, this method has been used with great success on a great number of patients. A big advantage is its uncomplicated application and the fact that no new fat formation has been observed on the treated areas.

The injection lipolysis is therefore an effective and low-cost method to dissolve small fat deposits that cannot be eliminated through healthy diets or physical activity. The treatment is particularly interesting for problematic areas, but is inadequate for general weight loss or obese patients. It is especially popular with patients who want to avoid surgery.

Areas suitable for injection lipolysis

Suitable areas for injection lipolysis are small fat deposits on arms, legs, knees, lower legs, abdomen, chin (double chin) and lachrymal sacs. In addition, the lipodissolve injection is used for fat deposits in the nose-lip area, the male breast and the shaping of problematic body parts. The injections are very well tolerated by patients and they can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment. Longer downtimes, as required by other methods, do not exist here. However, this method has its limits, and for bigger fat deposits or if you want to shape your body, the suitable treatment will be liposuction.

How does the lipodissolve injection work?

The lipodissolve injection makes use of an active substance obtained from soya oil, which is also used to reduce elevated blood fat levels and which is officially approved – phosphatidylcholine. This oil contains lecithin, which is a natural transport molecule for fat in our body. A precisely defined amount of the substance is injected at a pre-determined distance, in the form of small injections, into the fat tissue of the troublesome areas. The injected substance dissolves the fat, which is then evacuated and degraded through the lymphatic system.

It is therefore a kind of reinforcement of natural processes that take place in our bodies.

Some hours after the injection, the patient can perceive a local reaction that makes itself visible through reddening and swelling. After a few days, these symptoms recede and the first success becomes visible. Fat deposits get visibly reduced within 2 to 4 weeks.

Is the lipodissolve injection suitable for everyone?

In general, yes. However, you should know that the lipodissolve injection is not suitable for obese patients but intended for people with normal weight who want to get rid of small fat deposits.

Is the treatment painful?

No. Patients only feel a light burning and a certain sensibility to pressure at the incision spots. It can also lead to slight swelling and reddening, which disappears quickly.

What are the health risks associated with this treatment?

The medication made of soya oil (Lipostabil) and the active substance phosphatidylcholine are very well tolerated by patients. However, it has not yet been approved according to German registration directives. The same can be said of the anti-wrinkle miracle product Botox, which is, however, used thousands of times in Germany. Up to now, more than 2.000 patients have been treated using the Dr. Steitz method without any side effects. Only the above mentioned light pressure or burning can last for some time, but it usually disappears soon.

There is no evidence of health risks in any medical literature. In fact, there are numerous studies on the good tolerance of the active substance phosphatidylcholine which is injected into the tissue by “alternative” practitioners.

Extensive examinations and consultations prevent as far as possible allergic reactions.

How long does the treatment take?

Each treatment session lasts 15 to 20 minutes and takes place on an outpatient basis. An additional stay is not necessary. The treatment sessions, depending on the body areas and the quantity of fat, have to be repeated two to three times at an interval of 2 to 4 weeks. After the complete treatment, the fat deposits at the targeted areas will have permanently disappeared and won’t come back again.