Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Method of treatment for revitalization and stimulation of skin & treatment of baldness and hair loss


Length of treatment: 45 min, depending on the treated area
Type of anesthetic: Application of a topical numbing cream
Post-treatment: Return to daily activities immediately after the treatment


This type of aesthetic treatment uses the potential of the patient’s own blood to stimulate skin cells

Many patients are looking for a more natural way to achieve smoother skin and stimulate hair growth.

Despite their advancing years, they want to feel good and maintain a natural, youthful appearance:
The use of DENSITY PLATELET GEL makes the autologous regeneration of skin tissue possible

The platelets obtained from the patient’s own blood contain and release a high concentration of growth factors which encourage the natural process of tissue regeneration and collagen formation. There is no reason to fear toxic or synthetic substances, as only the body’s own substances are used for this procedure.


The technique involved is simple and virtually painless: A sample of blood is drawn and spun down in a centrifuge to separate red and white blood cells from the fluid component containing the platelets. The fluid component is then removed and injected into the skin, the scalp or the area to be treated. The results are already visible within a few weeks after the treatment. The injections of PRP plasma are an outpatient procedure. Patients are able to return to their regular daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Areas of treatment

  • Anti-wrinkle injections and restoration of volume with simultaneous bio-stimulation of skin cells (bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds, lip contour etc.) – intradermal injection
  • Regeneration, rejuvenation and revitalization of tissue
  • After laser therapy (in combination with a Fraxel Laser treatment)
  • For mesotherapy of the skin (due to the growth factors in the PRP plasma)
  • To accelerate the healing process of wound and scar treatments
  • For patients who might have allergic reactions to anti-wrinkle injections
  • For patients who have been treated with other filling substances
  • For patients with a tendency to granuloma formation
  • For treating hair loss or thinning of hair (hair, eyebrows, beard)
  • In the treatment of arthrosis and meniscus injuries

Benefits at a glance: (body)

  • Reduction and smoothening of lines and wrinkles
  • Active and endogenous hydration
  • Improved skin texture
  • Immediate filler effect
  • Progressive collagen formation
  • More radiant skin
  • Stimulation of cell growth
  • Active re-densification of skin


Platelet Rich Plasma

Benefits at a glance: (hair)

  • Regulation of excessive hair loss and progressing baldness
  • Improvement of the natural balance of the metabolic and hormonal system
  • Stimulation of the stem cells of hair follicles and skin
  • Improvement of the vascular interrelation of scalp and hair follicles
  • Activation of the extracellular matrix and progressive stimulation of natural tissue regeneration

 Platelet Rich Plasma

What is so special about Density Platelet Gel?

  • The Vacutainer tube contains a special innovative patented gel which by
  • Magnetism achieves a very high concentration (ca. 95%) of thrombocytes in the plasma gel.
  • Conventional plasma gels usually only have a thrombocyte concentration of ca. 45 %.
  • The gel in the Density Platelet gel achieves a complete separation of erythrocytes.
  • The patented gel works with a magnetic network connection.
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