Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat implantation

Correction of wrinkles, scars, loss of facial tissue through autologous fat injection

The injection of autologous fat, also known as lipofilling or lipotransfer, has developed parallel to liposuction over the last couple of years. By using the body’s own fat, it is possible to smooth out or plump up wrinkles without any of the drawbacks associated with exogenous material. The use of a special technique allows a very gentle removal of fat cells from the donor site and their injection into the targeted area using very fine cannulas. A majority of the fat grafts can take root in the new location.

DDue to methodological improvements in fat processing and injection technique, wrinkle treatment with autologous fat has become increasingly popular over the years. The major advantage of autologous fat is its compatibility as the body’s own tissue.

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat is the ideal option for all

Who are skeptical about biological implants, synthetic substances and other filling materials Who have adequate areas of excess fat that are suitable for liposuction Who desire a correction of deeper wrinkles Who wish to increase the volume of their lips and to restore volume to sunken cheeks, temples etc. Who are seeking a correction of skin and tissue defects, such as surgical scars or other injuries


→ Combined body contouring: The liposuction for the purpose of fat harvesting optimizes the silhouette whilst simultaneously providing the autologous fat for the wrinkle treatment.

How is the wrinkle treatment performed? Extraction and reinjection of autologous fat

The principle involved is simple: Special microneedles are used to remove the body’s own fat cells from a suitable donor site. Common donor sites for the harvesting of cells include thigh areas, buttocks or abdomen. The fat cells are purified and reinjected into the targeted treatment area, which is sunken, indented or wrinkled. Due to methodological improvements in fat processing and injection technique, a majority of cells can take root, plumping out sunken cheeks, wrinkles or lips.

The procedure takes 1 - 2 hours, depending on the individual case. A hospital stay is not necessary. A return to social activities is possible within 1 - 3 days. A slight overcorrection is often necessary, as there may be a degradation of fat cells within the first three weeks.

What are the most common complications and side effects?

It is common to experience some temporary redness and swelling or some minor bruising following the procedure. These reactions may occur at the area of fat removal or at the injection site, but can be easily concealed by the use of cosmetics.

Extremely rare side effects could be: sensory disturbances, cyst formation, lipogranuloma, wound infections in the extraction or filling area, contour irregularities or scarring. No foreign materials, such as implants, are used for this procedure, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

Benefits at a glance

Completely natural result Completely natural feel, no foreign body sensation No scarring Long-lasting results No allergic reactions Dual benefits: combined treatment of problem areas by liposuction and body sculpting 

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