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-- How to finance your treatment --
Would you like to finance your treatment? No problem!

Our cooperation partner medipay offers you reliable financing at fair conditions. You can pay for your treatment easily, comfortably and on a low-interest basis in individual monthly instalments – with medipay payment by instalments!

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A low-interest and comfortable instalment payment option for non-contractual cosmetic treatments.


What is so special about medipay?

Cost-saving. Easy. Swift. Discreet. Convenient.

How does medipay work?

Quite simple! You will receive a medipay financing application from us. If you are interested, you will return it completed and signed to medipay. medipay will then get in touch with you and take charge of the entire process. You will receive the medipay confirmation form as soon as the credit has been approved. The approved amount will be released when payment is due.

Who can use medipay?

Basically, medipay can be used by all persons who have their principal place of residence in Germany and no negative Schufa records, are either employed or retired and have a disposable income. A second debtor can be employed for students / trainees or housewives (parent, spouse or partner) if the above-mentioned requirements have been met.

What are the next steps?

You can download a hier einen
financing application in PDF format (1.4 MB) here.

Then simply complete the form and fax, mail or send it directly to medipay.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!
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