Aesthetic operations are services performed by medical specialists. The exact costs for these services have to be calculated individually and will reflect the patient’s conditions and his or her needs and wishes. It is only possible to determine the precise, final cost once the particular service has been performed, and extra fees have been ascertained, such as the materials used, general anesthesia (if required), etc.

A cost estimate is prepared following each consultation and after the patient has been thoroughly examined. This cost estimate is binding for both parties and must be paid in advance. If the operation requires more time and effort or material than estimated, we will naturally assume theses additional expenses at no extra charge to you. We provide first-rate aesthetic services that have an excellent cost effectiveness.


Innovamed Ästhetik Price list:

 Innovamed Ästhetik GmbH provides physicians with the premises, equipment and staff necessary to personally perform cosmetic and plastic operations, laser & PhotoDcerm treatments and LPG endermologie.

Consultation fee:       €50 
(The consultation fee will be applied towards the first treatment!)

We ask that you please bring a photo ID or a driver’s license to your consultation appointment for our medical records.

Note: Aesthetic treatments are subject to value-added tax (VAT). The prices quoted here are exclusive of the statutory 19%VAT.