Beautiful and flawless skin thanks to Derma™K

Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful, flawless skin? Normal scars, acne scars, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, warts and other annoying skin changes are now a thing of the past. With the new Derma™ K, the results are absolutely impressive: your skin has a smoother and healthier appearance, and you look younger and more vibrant. Your physician has put in time, education and effort in order to be able to offer you the best and most advanced treatment methods, such as Derma™ K, a technique that sets new standards in the field of aesthetic medicine.

What is Derma™K?

Derma™ K is unparalleled around the world. It utilizes two different lasers that are synchronized, allowing the thermal effect to be precisely controlled for exfoliating the skin with microscopic precision. This thermal effect is responsible for restructuring collagen, thus leading to skin rejuvenation and toning. If the goal is simply to improve the general condition of the skin and look healthy, the thermal effect is minimized. If the desired result is to have a younger appearance, with wrinkles removed, the thermal effect has to be intensified. The two laser wavelengths used can be overlapped to address the patient’s specific requirements.

How does Derma™K work?

The worldwide patented Derma™ K allows for an overlapping of two different lasers and their synchronized application. This technique combines the benefits of the Erbium:Yag laser, which has long been used for precision peeling, with the advantages of the C02-laser, which provides for a corresponding wrinkle-removing effect. With Derma™ K, the physician can address the patient’s specific wishes and the condition of his or her skin.

What areas of the body can be treated with Derma™K

Due to the gentle way that Derma™ K works, other areas of the body, such as the neck, décolleté, arms and legs, can be treated in addition to the face. Please consult your physician.

Who are candidates for Derma™K treatment?

Basically, anyone can be treated with Derma™ K. However, world-renowned specialists recommend applying the thermal effect of this treatment only for the removal of wrinkles, which is generally only necessary for patients in the second half of their life. This sheer precision peeling technique can be applied to anyone and can even be regularly repeated at specific intervals.

How does the treatment work?

The stronger the thermal effect, the more you feel the treatment. With a minimal thermal effect, the treatment can be carried out without anesthesia in some cases. Your physician will inform you about the anesthesia and any necessary medication.

Possible side effects

Your physician will inform you about immediate side effects that occur after treatment. It is important to note, however, that the intensity of the thermal effect applied has an impact on the healing process. If the thermal effect is minimal, the healing process will be correspondingly shorter. If the thermal effect is stronger, the healing process will take longer.

What do you need to keep in mind after treatment?

Direct exposure to the sun is strictly forbidden before and after the treatment. Find out what you need to do to properly care for your skin before and after this procedure and which sun protection factor is sufficient to significantly shorten the wait for your new appearance.

How long do results last? Can the treatment be repeated?

Once again, the rule is: the stronger the thermal effect, the longer the skin rejuvenation lasts. This laser treatment should not be repeated before 5 years have elapsed.

What are the advantages of Derma™ K?

Derma™ K enables the physician to tailor treatment precisely to the patient’s individual needs and the conditions of his or her skin. The combined, synchronized application of the dual lasers allows for maximum patient safety with a minimum of discomfort and the shortest possible healing period. Derma™ K closes the gap between basic skincare and facelifts, and plays a significant role in helping patients achieve a more youthful, beautiful appearance.