Beautiful and immaculate skin thanks to Derma™K

Who has not dreamt of possessing a beautiful, immaculate skin? Scars, acne-scars, wrinkles, pigment disorders, warts and other annoying skin disorders do not belong any more to the present, but to the past. With the new Derma™ K, the results are absolutely convincing: your skin looks smoother and you look younger and fresher. Derma™ K sets new levels for the aesthetic medicine. Your physician has invested in time, education and energy to be able to offer you the best and most advanced treatment methods.

What is Derma™K?

Derma™ K is unique worldwide. For the exact microscopic clearing of the skin, layer after layer,) the thermal effect can be accurately controlled. The thermal effect is for the cause of the restructuring of the collagen tissue, thus leading to a rejuvenation and tightening of the skin. For simply improving the general condition of your skin and a healthier appearance, the thermal effect is minimized. If the desired result is a younger appearance, a reduction of the wrinkles, the thermal effect has to be reinforced. Both wavelengths used can be overlapped depending on the goals.

How does Derma™K work?

The worldwide patent of Derma™ K allows for an overlapping of two different lasers and their synchronous application. It combines the advantages of the erbium-laser to remove the layers of tissue, with the advantages of t he des C02-laser to provide the corresponding wrinkle smoothing effect. With Derma™ K the treating physician can deal very precisely with the requirements and particular characteristics of the patient´s skin.

On which body locations is it reasonable to use Derma™K?

Due to the gentle way the Derma™ K works, in addition to the face also other body regions can be treated, as for example the neck, cleavage, as well as arms and legs. Please consult your physician.

Who are candidates for Derma™K treatment?

In general, everyone can be treated with Derma™ K. However, worldwide physicians do only recommend the application of the thermal effect when the desired effect is the elimination of wrinkles. This is in general only necessary in the second half of life. The pure precision peeling can be used by anyone and can even be regularly repeated within a certain period of time.

How does the treatment work?

The stronger the thermal effect, the more you feel the treatment. With a minimal thermal effect, the treatment can partially be carried out without anaesthesia. Your physician will inform you about the anaesthesia and the necessary measures to be taken.

Possible side-effects

Your physician will inform you about the immediate side-effects accompanying the treatment. It is very important however, that the strength of the thermal effect influences the healing process. If the thermal effect is not so strong, the healing process will be correspondingly shorter. If the strength of the thermal effect is higher, the healing process will last longer.

What do we have to take care about after the treatment?

For the time before, during and after the treatment, a strict sunbathing prohibition exists. Please get informed about the preoperational and post operational care program and a sufficient sun protection index, in order to significantly shorten up the waiting time for your “new appearance”.

How long do the results last? Can the treatment be repeated?

Here again the old rule: the stronger the thermal effect, the longer the rejuvenation of the skin lasts. A repetition of the treatment with thermal effect should not occur before 5 years.

What are the advantages of Derma™ K?

With Derma™ K the physician can respond quite precisely to the individual requirements and skin characteristics of the patient. The combined, synchronous application of both lasers allows for a maximum security of the patient with a minimum inconvenience and a short healing time. Derma™ K closes the gap between simple skin caring and "Facelift" and highly contributes at present to a more beautiful and younger appearance.