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Fractional skin rejuvenation with millions of light points – results that can be seen and felt

Good to know

Here we will explain what you can expect before, during and after the Fraxel-Laser-treatment. Why was the Fraxel-Laser system developed? It was at the request of patients and physicians to isolate the proven good results of the lasers used at that time from its unwelcome risks and associated side-effects, while at the same time achieving very good results. Particularly important was to eliminate any hospital stay or downtime. As a result, the Fraxel-Laser treatment, a real breakthrough in the aesthetic laser medicine, was developed.


Wrinkle treatment, stretch marks, big pores, acne scars, pigmentation lesions, melasma, etc.

How does the Fraxel-Laser treatment work?

Millions of light points – invisible to the human eye – generate very tiny „effect-spots“ (microthermal treatment areas) in the aged or altered skin cells. Just exactly as important as those, are the spots untouched by the laser. Each microthermal treatment zone is surrounded by non treated skin cells. This „fractional“ treatment allows for a much quicker healing of the complete skin, as the non treated cells support the healing process of the dermis.


The Fraxel-Laser treatment plan

Before starting the treatment, discuss with your physician which areas are reasonable to be treated, the results you can expect, what you have to respect after the treatment sessions and how often you have to carry out the treatment procedure. As the treatment does not cause any damage on healthy skin parts, it can also be used on sensitive areas such as neck and hands.

Clinical studies have shown that an effective treatment plan covers 3 up to 5 treatment sessions, with 14 days time interval between them. The treatment plan, however, can be determined quite freely. On every application between 15% and 20% of the skin surface is treated, depending on the clinical parameters mentioned before.

The results are visible immediately after the session and even more after some time. The optimal results are generally visible after two or three months.


The treatment takes place in your doctor’s office, as only a local anaesthesia is necessary. 45 minutes before the treatment is carried out, an anaesthetic cream that has to soak in is applied. This cream is washed out after the treatment.


What happens after the treatment session?

For about one hour, you will feel symptoms of a light sunburn. After that, you will not feel uncomfortable any more. The treated skin will be lightly reddened for about 5 to 7 days. That is a sign that the normal healing process is taking place. Slight swelling can occur, which disappears after 2 - 3 days. Shortly after the treatment, you can put make-up on or shave. In general, patients can resume their work the same day or a day after.

Tan: for 3-4 days, your skin will look like suntanned.


Peeling off: Your skin will flake or peel off in a natural way, as the reorganized epidermal skin rejects the dead tissue. The peeling off is similar to a slight sunburn, but without the pain associated to it. The use of moisturizing creams can hide the peeling off.

Sun protection: During the healing phase, you should use twice a day a sun protecting cream to protect your skin from harmful sun radiation. It is appropriate a sun protecting moisturizing cream with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher.

During the next months, the system repairs the deeper laying tissue damaged during the fraxel-laser treatment, while the desired positive changes, allowing for a healthier and more beautiful appearance, are achieved.