Permanent hair removal with 
PhotoDerm® HR

PhotoDerm® HR is a laser-like device that generates an intense pulsed light flash. With this pulsed light we can, in a permanent and caring manner, eliminate the annoying hair growth on body and face. Unlike laser, PhotoDerm® HR allows for the treatment of more hair colors and different skin types.

For millions of women and men, excessive hair growth is not only a cosmetic problem, it also affects them at the psychological and social level. The elimination of hair growth by shaving, pulling them out, waxing them out, epilating them or by means of some chemical products is often painful and is not seldom accompanied of side-effects, while the expected results are often not satisfactory and not long-lasting. The development of PhotoDerm® HR opens a new dimension of gentle but permanent hair removal. With the pulse light of the PhotoDerm® HR unpleasant hair growth can easily and gently be removed.

How does the PhotoDerm® HR treatment work?

Before the exposure, a cooling gel is applied to the skin. The pulsed light that the physician applies on the skin by pushing a button passes through the skin into the hair follicles, destroying or damaging them without destroying the surrounding tissue. The hair falls off immediately or at the latest within two days.

Are all kinds of hair suitable for removal?

PhotoDerm® HR makes hair removal in the typical problematic areas such as face or bikini region possible. The darker and thicker the hair, the quicker it will be to obtain the desired results.

Does this treatment hurt?

As we are dealing only with a pulsed light, most of the patients only feel a sort of snapping when the pulsed light enters the skin. Painkillers or local anaesthesia are not needed in general.

Hoy many treatments are needed?

Usually 5 - 8 treatments are necessary. Each treatment session lasts 5 – 20 minutes, depending on the targeted area and the density of the hair growth. As the hair can only be treated in the growth period, a certain rhythm has to be followed for the sessions.

Are there any side-effects?

Sometimes light reddenings or swelling of the skin in the treated area might occur, but they will disappear after a few days. In very few cases, overreactions similar to sunburns might appear, but in general they heal well and they normally affect only dark skin types. Something similar applies to pigment shifting.

What has to be respected before and after the treatment?

Solarium and intensive sunbathing has to be avoided during the treatment, as well as some weeks afterwards. You can resume your activities immediately or one day after the treatment. Please consult your physician concerning the ingestion of medicine or any other particularities.

Does the health insurance company pay for the treatment?

The treatment with PhotoDerm® HR has to be paid privately, as it is a pure cosmetic correction.

Is PhotoDerm® HR better than any other methods?

The hair removal by means of shaving, pulling or waxing is not only painful but it only lasts for a short time. A treatment with PhotoDerm® HR makes a gentle and permanent hair removal possible.

Is das PhotoDerm® HR better than the hair removal with needle?

In the hair removal with needle (electrolysis), a probe is inserted in each hair follicle and the root of the hair is destroyed by means of electricity. This extremely painful and lengthy treatment has to be repeated regularly and is often associated to side-effects such as formation of wounds and scars. PhotoDerm® HR only works with light energy, so no puncture is necessary. With a single flash of light of the PhotoDerm® HR device, more than a hundred hair follicles are treated simultaneously, a quantity that for the hair removal with needle would take more than one hour.