Photorejuvenation (IPL)

If you’ve dreamed of looking younger...

Both the passage of time and the stress of modern life make our skin look older. Naturally, these signs of skin aging and sun damage are most evident on a person’s face. Although there are numerous methods for improving various skin flaws, ranging from simple face creams to major operations, skin specialists have always looked for improved methods that involve minimal risk and no downtime. What’s more, many conventional treatments generally only target one condition, which also often leads to a longer recovery time combined with significant pain and potential side effects.

IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment method that combats skin defects without damaging the skin’s surface, thereby avoiding any downtime. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can simultaneously treat a wide range of skin problems safely and effectively, such as burst blood vessels, skin discolorations, freckles, mottled pigmentation and symptoms of rosacea.


What is Intense Pulsed Light?

Intense pulsed light technology (IPL) is an innovative method of treatment that remedies a variety of benign skin changes, such as uneven skin texture, age spots, birthmarks, unwanted hair, unsightly fine veins and other blemishes. It offers a reliable, non-invasive solution that can be tailored to individual conditions and skin types, delivering excellent cosmetic results and absolute satisfaction. This new procedure is called photorejuvenation.

How is Photorejuvenation performed?

A cold gel is applied to the area to be treated, and the patient is given dark sunglasses to protect their eyes from the bright light. After the smooth glass surface of the IPL handpiece is placed gently on the skin, pulses of light are applied. Some patients feel a slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. A topical anesthetic cream can be applied, but it is seldom necessary. The complete treatment is usually carried out over a series of treatment sessions in order to achieve excellent long-term results, minimal side effects and high patient satisfaction. Each individual session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Why are multiple sessions necessary?

Depending on the range of individual conditions and their severity, a series of five or six treatment sessions may be necessary. After each session, you can resume your regular activities. By dividing the full treatment program into a number of different sessions, the procedure allows for gradual improvement, while at the same time significantly reducing risks to a minimum and giving patients the greatly appreciated “no downtime” effect.

IPL treatments work on both red spots caused by burst blood vessels and brown pigment spots that are due to sun damage. The light is converted into heat energy as soon as it reaches the area between the collagen and the surface of the skin.


How do other treatment methods compare to photorejuvenation?

There are lasers for treating red spots, lasers for treating brown spots and yet others responsible for removing layers of skin, but none of these technologies can achieve long-term improvement of complexion and tissue the way the IPL Photorejuvenation program does. And it does this without creating any interruption in a patient’s busy lifestyle.


What kind of conditions can Photorejuvenation treat?

Enlarged pores, a dull complexion and other facial skin irregularities or abnormalities can prevent you from feeling good about yourself and being satisfied with your appearance, no matter how young or healthy you feel. IPL technology improves both the upper and lower layers of skin and provides a rejuvenating effect to your facial skin, while delivering soothing heat energy to the deeper layers of tissue. After a series of treatments, you will see a significant reduction in unwanted pigmentation, as well as a smooth, revitalized complexion. The same treatment can be applied effectively to the chest, neck and hands.


Benign vascular lesions:
Damaged veins and capillaries

The face has an extensive network of veins and tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Over time, skin aging, trauma, exposure to the sun and certain lifestyle factors cause capillaries to break, and they then become apparent as red streaks or blotches on the face. IPL therapy can eliminates these damaged veins and capillaries and removes practically all traces of these unsightly blemishes.


Symptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea is an excess of blood flow to the face caused by tiny, dilated blood vessels that give those affected a red face and chronic redness. Rosacea can also cause papules and/or small pustules on the nose and cheeks. IPL technology can successfully treat the dilated blood vessels and flushing experienced by those suffering from this disorder, without causing any damage to the surrounding healthy skin and significantly reducing the frequency of facial redness over the long run.

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