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The alternative to surgery

Our face is our business card and as such and as such it should look fresh, smooth and youthful for as long as possible. So it's no wonder that wrinkle treatments are on the rise in Germany. increasing. Last year alone, the Society for Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany e.V. counted around 50,000 wrinkle treatments by its members. But at some point, creams, peelings or injections are no longer injections are no longer enough. As the years go by, the elastic fibres of the skin slacken and the facial and the fat pads in the face sag. The result: Excess, unattractive skin on the skin on the chin-jaw line and sagging, tired-looking facial features. The only thing that can restore youthful freshness to the face is a lift. the face. However, many people still shy away from such a large such a large, bloody operation. The gentle alternative without a scalpel is called: thread lifting. Here, fine special threads are inserted into the skin, which lift the skin and the skin and lift the tissue back into its original position. A desirable side effect: new connective tissue is formed via the lifting thread. connective tissue, which additionally tightens the skin. In contrast to Unlike conventional lifting, there are no wounds that need stitches. The result is convincing. The thread lift is ideal for all those who are showing the who want to "fix" the first signs of aging in the face without bloody incisions. want.


 Fast healing
 No general anaesthesia
 Low risk of inflammation
 Immediately visible lifting effect
 Additional effect through the formation of new connective tissue
 Getting up immediately after treatment: no bed rest, no hospitalisation
 No incisions, only tiny needle punctures: Practically no scars remain
 Very rarely pain after treatment, if so, relief with usual painkillers

Risks & Side Effects

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with lifting with Aptos threads, but these are very rare:
 More or less severe burning during and after treatment. Infection and / or reddening of the treated areas.
 Incompatibility reaction to the material used
 Uneven or irregular result.
However, if it is really necessary, the Aptos threads can also be removed again.

Whether lifting with Aptos threads is the optimal method in each individual case can only be method in each individual case can only be clarified after a careful examination and consultation. Alternative wrinkle treatments include implantation procedures or laser treatment (Fraxel).

Course of treatment

  1. The doctor marks on the face which areas are to be lifted and how the stitches are to run
  2. A local anaesthetic is applied
  3. A fine cannula is passed along the drawn line through the lower fat tissue
  4. The cannula is hollow inside and the doctor then inserts an Aptos suture
  5. The cannula is carefully pulled out again - the lifting thread remains in the tissue in the process
  6. The doctor pulls first on one, then on the other protruding end of the Aptos thread and thus creates the lifting effect
  7. The ends of the threads are cut off, the threads disappear invisibly under the skin

Steps 3. to 7. are repeated for each thread. For the three to four threads are sufficient for a normal Aptos cheek lift. The Inserting and tightening a thread takes only a few minutes.


Patients can go home the same day after the Aptos lift, but should not drive themselves. Swelling in the treated area will subside after a few days. No treatment is necessary, only two check-ups after one week and one month. one week and one month. The treated area must not be massaged for about six weeks.

Surgery duration: about 2h
Narcosis variant: Local anaesthesia
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Intensive recovery phase 2 weeks, sport & heavy physical exertion after six weeks

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