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How does orange peel skin develop?

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits in the connective tissue: the so-called "orange peel skin" forms. "orange peel skin". This phenomenon, which is particularly typical for women typical phenomenon for women is fat storage in the fat cells in the lower skin tissue. The fat cells grow and deform the cell walls. These deformations swell out between the connective tissue strands, and the typical bulges and depressions appear on the surface of the skin. and depressions appear on the surface of the skin, resembling the appearance of an orange. obvious. The biggest problem at this stage of development is, is that the process continues unabated due to an obstructed blood supply. Toxins stagnate, the outflow of new nutrients comes to a standstill, the connective tissue gel loses its elasticity. Neither physical exercises nor drastic slimming diets can do anything here. 

Very good results

The patients are treated once or twice a week for 35 minutes. treatment. A special pantyhose suit is worn during the treatment. The results of the treatment are documented by body measurements and before and after photos. A reduction of one to two sizes is quite realistic. Pads disappear, but but not in the areas where curves are desired, such as the face and breasts. and breasts. In addition, the relaxing and relaxing and calming effect of Endermologie® frees you from everyday stress. 

Orange peel skin is significantly reduced by Endermologie®.

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