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Procedure of the procedure with Earfold

At the consultation you can find out if Earfold is suitable for you BEFORE the implants are permanently inserted on the day of surgery. on the day of the operation. First of all, the specialist will discuss with you how you feel the position of your ears and how you would like them to look with Earfold. look like. Then you and the specialist will adjust the position of your ears using one or two Prefold® (positioning elements) per ear. Exactly at on the outside of your ear, the specialist will place Earfold under the skin on the day of the procedure. Earfold under the skin on the day of the procedure. The temporary use of Prefold® to decide how the ear should finally look is a unique is a unique feature of the Earfold method. Such a such a preliminary view cannot easily be achieved with a standard topopexy. achieved.

The procedure with Earfold

Earfold® is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. and usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes. The following is a summary, what will happen on the day of surgery:

  1. The position of the implants agreed with you is marked on your ear
  2. Your ear is locally anaesthetised
  3. An 8-10 mm skin incision is made
  4. Earfold® is inserted by means of an applicator
  5. After insertion, Earfold® can immediately correct your protruding ears
  6. The skin incision is closed with a suture and covered with a sterile adhesive strip
Surgery duration: 15-20min
Narcosis variant: local anaesthetic
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Immediately socially acceptable, fast recovery, no head bandage

What needs to be considered after the procedure?

 Due to local anaesthesia your ears will feel a little numb for a while
 Pain may occur after the procedure, which should subside within a few days
 Swelling or bruising may occur
 Your ears may be more sensitive for a while, and your hair may be washed or showered. You can wash or shower your hair, but you should be careful.
 To avoid pressure on your ears, you should sleep on your back if possible for up to four weeks
 You should avoid swimming and contact sports for about four weeks. do contact sports, so that the implants can settle down
 To reduce the risk of infection, do not wear earrings for about two weeks.
 You should avoid smoking for about 3 months, as nicotine reduces the blood supply to the ear. nicotine reduces the blood supply to the ear, which greatly increases the risk of complications. This also applies to e-cigarettes, nicotine patches or chewing gum.

What needs to be considered after the procedure?

The type of incision that is best for you depends on the type and and size of the excess skin. The doctor will discuss the discuss the planned incision with you. The abdominal skin is then separated from the muscles together with the underlying fatty tissue and pulled down, and the excess skin is removed. removed. During this phase of the operation, corrections of the of the muscular abdominal wall can also be carried out. In the case of pronounced If the excess skin is pronounced, the umbilicus must be incised and moved. If the If the closure of any existing abdominal wall hernias is planned, you will be informed about this separately. Before the wound is sutured one or more suction drains are usually inserted for a few days, to drain off blood and wound secretions. A compression bandage is applied bandage is applied to reduce swelling and pain and at the same time to and at the same time to remodel the skin.

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