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Mimic wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin A (Botox)

The mimic muscles are firmly attached to the facial skin. If the mimic muscles are tensed, a visible wrinkle appears. Depending on which muscle is tensed, joy, astonishment, anger or annoyance can be expressed with the face, astonishment, anger or annoyance. Especially the glabellar wrinkles between the eyebrows often convey the impression of displeasure. These are therefore also called "wrinkles of anger" and give rise to the so-called "evil eye". Often, however, these wrinkles are only the result of great concentration or tension, e.g. when working at a computer or driving a car. driving a car.

The repeated tensing of the facial muscles leads to a permanent the facial wrinkles become permanently deepened over the years. The wrinkles remain even when the muscles are not tense. 

Surgery duration: 20-30 minutes
Narcosis variant: not required
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Resumption of usual activities & occupations already immediately afterwards

Aim of the Botox treatment

The aim of an effective wrinkle treatment is to prevent the muscles from muscle tension and lifting the already existing wrinkles. For this purpose Botulinum toxin, or Botox for short, is available for this purpose.

How does Botox work?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring bacterial protein. When it is injected into a muscle, it specifically blocks the nerve impulses there. As a result, the muscle in question can no longer be tensed as usual. as usual. Other nerve functions - such as feeling or touching through the skin - are not affected. through the skin - are not affected.

Is the treatment painless?

The botulinum toxin solution is injected directly into the muscle (or surrounding area) with a very fine needle. directly into (or around) the muscle that is causing the wrinkles. causing the wrinkles. Due to the use of very fine injection needles pain is minimal; in some cases there is a brief burning sensation. occurs briefly.

How long does the effect last?

The full effect unfolds after 3 - 5 days. It lasts approx. 3 - 6 months. By repeating the treatment, a lasting effect of up to lasting effect of up to one year.

Is Botox dangerous?

As with any other injection into the skin, in a very small number of cases, skin skin irritation, skin infection or slight swelling may occur. swelling may occur. Rarely, there will be a small bruise at the injection site. haematoma. However, all these undesirable effects disappear within a few days. disappear within a few days. When treating the forehead in the lateral eyebrow area, there may be a eyebrows or the upper eyelid may be temporarily lowered. upper eyelid. However, all side effects are temporary according to the current state of science, however, all side effects are temporary. Long-term side effects are side effects are not known from the treatment of mimic wrinkles with botulinum toxin. known.

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat implantation

Correction of wrinkles, scars, tissue deficiencies in the face through tissue injection with the patient's own fat.
Wrinkle injections with the patient's own fat, also known as lipofilling or lipotransfer, has developed parallel to liposuction for several years. liposuction. With the use of the body's own fat to to compensate for or fill wrinkles, all the disadvantages of foreign of foreign materials can be avoided. With a special technique the fat cells are very gently removed from the donor area and then and reintroduced into the desired cell with the finest cannulas. The majority of the fat grafts can heal again at the treated site. heal at the treated site. The methodological improvements in fat preparation and injection and injection techniques have led to a steady increase in the popularity of with autologous fat has grown steadily over the years. The decisive advantage of autologous fat is its compatibility as the body's own material. material.

Combined body contouring: liposuction for fat harvesting optimises the silhouette and at the same time provides own fat for the wrinkle treatment.

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How is the wrinkle treatment performed?

The principle is simple: the body's own fat cells are fat cells are removed from a suitable part of the body with special microneedles. of the body. Very often the cells are harvested from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The fat cells are prepared and injected injected into the designated area, which is sunken, wrinkled or wrinkled. Thanks to the methodological improvements in fat preparation and injection and injection technique, a large proportion of the cells can heal and reline thus relining sunken cheeks, wrinkles or lips. Depending on the individual findings, wrinkle injections with autologous fat take 1-2 hours, depending on the individual findings. A stay in hospital is not necessary. After 1-3 days, the patient is socially fit again. Very often the doctor doctor often opts for a slight overcorrection at first, as the injected the first three weeks, the injected fat cells may break down slightly. can occur.

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Correction of wrinkles, scars, tissue deficiency in the face by tissue injection with hyaluronic acid.

A very popular method to stop the signs of ageing of the skin is the is tissue injection with hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule that is a sugar molecule that is naturally part of the human skin. With the help of various filling materials, wrinkles and volume loss can be wrinkles and loss of volume can be treated very effectively, without much treated in a very uncomplicated way.

Hyaluron is especially popular for the following areas

 Forehead wrinkles
 Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth (marionette lines)
 Tissue defects in the chin area
 Wrinkles in the cheek and eye area
 On neck and décolleté
 Aged back of the hand
 Volume building on the lips
 Correction of the nose shape without surgery

For whom is wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid a suitable method?

 For the desired correction of deep wrinkles
 For injecting lips and filling sunken cheeks, temples, etc.
 For the correction of skin and connective tissue defects such as surgical scars or other injuries.

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