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How fat sits on the body is genetically predetermined. Even if healthy diet and physical fitness, this is no guarantee for the guarantee for the dream figure. This is a realisation that many people have come to even without prior medical knowledge in the course of their lives. Puffiness around the chin, neck, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves often neither give way to sweaty activities in gyms activities in fitness studios, nor can they be removed with light products products or slimming pills.

The methods that were once used for liposuction of the corresponding parts were were costly, not low-risk and the results were seldom satisfactory from a cosmetic the result was also satisfactory from a cosmetic point of view. Many people are dissatisfied with their bodies. Fat deposits - especially especially in problem areas - stubbornly persist. Even through sport and a healthy diet are often not enough to get these problems under control. under control. Therefore, for many patients the last hope lies in a liposuction Nuremberg.

Surgery duration: 2-4 h depending on region
Narcosis variant: General anaesthesia, local anaesthesia or twilight sleep
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Intensive recovery phase 2 weeks, sport & heavy physical exertion after six weeks

Water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL)

A new technique of liposuction using Bodyjet quickly provides relief.

What is aquashaping?

Water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) is a novel, gentle procedure. A special wafer-thin cannula with an rinsing fluid is inserted into the fatty tissue with pulsating spray and immediately sucked out with the fat cells. Due to the simultaneous infiltration and suction of the fan-like water jet water jet, it is no longer necessary to soften the area. The result is immediately visible and corrections hardly ever have to be be made. The difference to the conventional liposuction procedure is that the fat cells are is that the fat cells are suctioned with much less force and therefore and therefore considerably reduced risk of side effects. In addition, this method requires less medication and the incisions no longer ooze for days. incisions no longer ooze for days. The operating time is significantly reduced because the long exposure time of the irrigation fluid is reduced to a minimum, compared to the procedure, is reduced to a minimum.

Advantages of the Bodyjet procedure

The dreaded formation of dents, which could never be entirely and the risk of the so-called fat embolism is negligible due to the gentle method. vanishingly small due to the gentle method. There is no risk of thermal damage, for example burns. Through the the use of the water jet, haematomas and injuries that lie directly directly under the skin occur much less frequently. This means that you will most likely be pain-free a few days after the procedure. So if you want to be beautiful, you don't have to suffer so much.

Once removed, fat cells can never form again. They are created in infancy, and weight gain only increases the size of existing cells. only the existing cells increase in size. This means that the operation for the necessary only once in a lifetime for the area in question.

Treatment zones

Most treatments take place in the following problem areas:

 Upper arms
 Double chin
 Knee / Calf
 Inner and outer thighs

What should you expect?

With the innovative technology of the Bodyjet, the simultaneous infiltration and suction, significant advantages can be achieved. There are different methods of liposuction. Which method is used depends on the individual findings. Here are the advantages of water-jet assisted liposuction at a glance:

 Minimised tissue trauma
 Reduced patient length of stay
 Significantly shorter operation time
 No wounds that weep for days
 Optimised and immediately visible result
 The tissue is not destroyed, no bloating
 A small amount of painkiller is needed
 Pain, swelling and haematoma are reduced
 The procedure is done on an outpatient basis. You can go home immediately after the treatment.

Laser assisted liposuction (laser lipolysis)

With the development of a very successful new technology, annoying fat pads can be made to "melt". With significantly time, this laser can not only melt the fat, but also achieve a fat can be melted, but at the same time a tightening effect can be achieved. Considerably less painful than the usual liposuction method the laser method delivers optimal, even results.

The technology

Through the combination of two different wavelengths, the fatty tissue is fat tissue is "melted" and the formation of new collagen is effectively stimulated. The result: A tightened treatment area freed from annoying fat from the troublesome fat deposits. In many cases, the skin tightening effect of the skin tightening effect of the laser, an abdominoplasty, upper arm thigh lift is no longer necessary. Compared to the usual liposuction method, the laser-assisted variant can laser-assisted variant, a larger proportion of fat can be removed. The finest cannulas (1.5 mm wide) reduce postoperative risks such as haematoma and pain. haematoma and pain are reduced to a minimum.

The intervention

The operation is performed either in twilight sleep or under general anaesthesia. The fat cells are liquefied by means of laser beams and then and then suctioned off. Typical problem areas where the fat (thighs, hips, abdomen, back, upper arms, knees, chin) can thus be permanently removed, knees, chin) can thus be permanently freed from the annoying be permanently freed.

Advantages of laser lipolysis

 Minimal punctures
 Skin tightening effect
 Uniform results
 Cellulite improvement
 Significantly reduced haematomas
 Shorter downtime after the procedure
 Low pain due to the use of very fine cannulas

Treatment areas

 Hip, Waist
 Mons pubis (mons pubis)
 Thighs ("riding breeches", inner side)

Vibration assisted liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction is one of the most modern techniques in plastic surgery. plastic surgery. This technology combines the process of liposuction with vibration liposuction. Here the the suction cannula is set into an axial vibrating movement which, in combination with the combination with the suction vacuum, the fat tissue is microscopically and and gently. Very thin fabric-coated cannulas generate oscillating movements during the liposuction. during liposuction and thus enable a very precise and at the same time precise and at the same time more gentle for the patient than the traditional the traditional method. The possibility of ideal contour contour modelling, a very even, optimal end result is achieved. final result. This not only reduces the post-operative risks, such as bruises, to a such as bruises, are reduced to a minimum, but at the same time the patient recover more quickly after the procedure.

VASER Liposuction

The VASER liposuction method is a precise and minimally invasive liposuction technique, which achieves striking results without long recovery times. VASER liposuction is an method of liposuction, which involves the targeted removal of fatty tissue using by means of pulsed ultrasound. The remaining tissue remains undamaged.

With the fat cells are gently removed from the surrounding connective tissue, without without damaging vessels and nerves. This can result in faster healing and shrinkage with less swelling can be achieved. The special feature of this method is that liposuction can be performed can also be performed circularly, such as on the upper arms. This circular treatment of body regions is called "body contouring".

The Vaser device uses sonic energy in the ultrasound range and with thin cannulas it it destroys the regional fat layers, after which this destroyed fat layer is and removes it from the body. Although during normal liposuction thin nerves and vessels can be damaged during normal liposuction, during VASER liposuction it can be observed that with the destruction of the fat cells in these regions especially the nerves and vessels are protected. Since it also additionally enables tightening on the skin, it is rather quite superior in comparison with normal liposuction.

After the operation, there may be sore muscles, but these can be treated well with light but these can be treated well with light painkillers if necessary. From the occasionally a little of the infiltrated water will run out of the entry holes within the first 48 hours. of the infiltrated water. This is not blood and is therefore usually harmless. The should be worn for about one to two days before it can be removed. can be removed. The patient is then given compression garments that should be worn for four to six weeks. weeks.

During the first few weeks after the procedure long periods of sitting, as well as heavy physical exertion, should be avoided. The depends on the extent of the treatment, but in general about one to two weeks should be should be planned for a break of about one to two weeks. It small or large hemorrhages may have formed during the operation, but these will but these will disappear completely in the next few days. In rare cases, numbness or sensitivity to touch may occur. sensitivity to touch may occur. This will also return to normal in the weeks normal again in the weeks following the operation.

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