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Here you can find out what you can expect before, during and after the Fraxel laser treatment. treatment in Nuremberg. Why was the Fraxel Laser System developed? It was the wish of patients and physicians to separate the demonstrably good results of the previously used laser procedures from their undesirable risks and risks and side effects and still achieve a very good end result. to achieve a very good end result. Especially without "sick leave" and downtime. This is how the Fraxel laser treatment was created, a breakthrough in aesthetic laser medicine, for example in wrinkle laser treatment.


 Wrinkle treatment
 Stretch marks
 Enlarged pores
 Acne scars
 Pigmented lesions

Surgery duration: approx. 90 minutes depending on the size of the area
Narcosis variant: Application of an anaesthetic cream
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: 2-3 days treatment with cold compresses & intensive moisturising care

How does the Fraxel laser treatment work?

Millions of points of light - invisible to the human eye - create equally small create just as small "effective points" (microthermal treatment zones) in the the aged or altered skin cells. Equally important are the areas that remain untouched by the Fraxel laser. Each microthermal treatment treatment zone is surrounded by untreated skin cells. This "fractionated" treatment allows for much faster healing of the entire the entire skin area, as the untreated skin cells support the body's natural healing process. healing process of the body.

What happens after the treatment?

You will feel a slight sunburn for about an hour after the wrinkle of a slight sunburn for about an hour. After that you will not feel any more discomfort. any more. The treated skin will have a slightly reddish tone for 5 to 7 days. reddish tone. This is a normal sign that the healing process is underway. healing process is underway. There may be a little swelling, which usually goes away after 2 to 3 days. You may already make-up or shave shortly after the Fraxel laser treatment. Patients usually return to work the same day or the following day. the following day.

Tanning Your skin will appear tanner for 3-4 days .
Desquamation : your skin will naturally as the reorganised epidermal skin sheds the dead tissue. dead tissue. The flaking can be compared to a mild sunburn, but without the pain but without the pain associated with it. The use of The use of moisturiser can hide this flaking.
Sun protection: During the healing phase you should sunscreen at least 2 times a day to protect your skin from harmful from harmful sun rays. For this purpose a moisturising sunscreen with a factor of at least 30. is suitable.

During the following months, the body repairs the deeper skin tissue that is skin tissue that was damaged during the Fraxel treatment, the positive changes that result in a healthy and more beautiful and more beautiful appearance.

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