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What is lipedema?

Lipoedema is a congenital, usually progressive progressive increase and disease of the fatty tissue. This increase in fat cells occurs primarily in women between the ages of between the ages of 20 and 40.

 Cold skin
 Orange peel skin / Cellulite
 Feeling of heaviness in the legs or arms
 Noticeable pressure and touch sensitivity
 Hardening (lumps) in the subcutaneous tissue with pain on contact
 Susceptibility to bruising (haematoma) - even with weak impacts
 Prolonged standing or sitting activities cause swelling of the legs

Lipedema or normal overweight?

Only women are affected by lipedema. A clear indication of the disease is the disproportionate relationship between a slender slim upper body and very strong legs. Those affected are are usually forced to wear trousers which are often two or more sizes larger than the upper parts. A particularly typical feature characteristic is that the hands and feet of lipedema sufferers are unaffected by the remain unaffected by the growth of fat cells. In the case of normal overweight (adiposity) or purely aesthetically disturbing body shapes, such as the such as the so-called riding breeches, these peculiarities do not occur. do not occur. The affected areas of the body usually include the upper or lower legs, as well as the upper or lower arms.

The five degrees of severity

 Type I: Fat tissue proliferation in the area of the buttocks and hips (riding trousers phenomenon)
 Type II: Lipoedema extends to the knees, fat flap formations in the area of the inner side of the knee
 Type III: Lipedema extends from the hips to the ankles
Type IV: Arms & legs are affected up to the wrists / ankles, with the exception of the feet and hands.
 Type V: Lipolymphoedema with increased water retention in the back of the hands and feet as well as fingers and toes

Treatment options

In untreated patients, the lipedema problem increases slowly but steadily over the years. A permanent minimisation of the symptoms can only be achieved by a surgical intervention. Our experience has shown that that liposuction of the fat cells using the water jet assisted method with the Body Jet a significant optimisation of the body shape and quality of life, as well as a considerable minimisation of the can be achieved.

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