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Face lift without surgery - how is the liquid lift implemented?

Recommended is the injection of the typical key points (MD codes™ according to Dr. Mauricio de Maio) in the face to obtain firm skin with optimal skin with optimal elasticity. The key points include the following:

 Zygomatic bone 
 Middle region of the cheekbone
 Nasolabial folds
 Marionette folds
 Mandibular groove
 Chin-jaw line
 Regions under the zygomatic bone

For which patients is this method suitable?

Liquid Lifting is suitable for patients who experience a loss of volume in the facial loss of volume in the facial area due to the ageing process. area of the face. Particularly in the area of the cheekbone, the nose, the lower jaw cheekbones and around the corners of the mouth, fillers can compensate for this loss. can compensate for this loss.

How is the Liquid Lift performed?

Missing, lost volume is replaced and built up with filler (hyaluronic acid). replaced and built up. The sagging of excess skin can thus be optimally counteracted. skin can be optimally counteracted. Facial contours that have disappeared (e.g. the chin-jaw line) are remodelled. Liquid Lifting not only lifts the facial structure but also facial structure, but also compensates for the loss of fat. balanced. Fat reduction and fat displacement caused by the ageing process can be caused by the ageing process, can be optimally treated with this method. treated with this method. The Liquid Lift convinces with results that are comparable to the results of a facelift.

What complications and side effects can occur?

Temporary redness and slight swelling, as well as small bruises at the injection site, are normal. small bruises at the injection site. However, these can easily be However, these can be covered up without any problems by using cosmetics.

The advantages at a glance

 Very natural result
 No surgical intervention necessary
 Very natural palpation
 No foreign body sensation
 No scars
 Long shelf life (up to 24 months) 
 No downtime, directly after the Liquid Facelift treatment you are socially fit again. 

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