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What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic procedure that has been used in France since 1952. since 1952 and has been used with great success in a wide variety of areas of application. The method was developed by the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor and is now established in France and in the countries of the Romance countries as far as South America. Also in Germany the number of doctors who use this method for the benefit of their patients is growing. patients for the benefit of their patients. The very fact that this established in France - with all its very high quality standards - shows that this is standards - shows that this is not an outsider's method whose benefits have not been whose benefits have not been proven. As a rule, "allopathic" medicines are infiltrated (injected). (injected), i.e. those that would also be prescribed by a "conventional" doctor to be taken orally. prescribed by a "conventional" doctor to be taken orally. With one decisive difference: when a drug is ingested, it is first metabolised and then metabolised and then, if at all, arrives at the site of the symptoms in an unknown low concentration at the site of the symptoms. But through a local injection of the medication, i.e. directly at the site of the disturbance or pain the pain, the desired area can be treated without a detour. diversions. The amount of medication is extremely low, but the effect is fast and long-lasting. effect is fast and long-lasting.

When do we recommend mesotherapy?

Prevention of ageing processes

 Smoothing wrinkles
 Refreshing the complexion
 Tightening of the skin (mesolift or bio-facelift)

How should one imagine the infiltration of the drugs into the skin?

These are superficial microinjections that are administered manually via a syringe by hand or by means of a special gun. manually via a syringe or by means of a special gun. or a special gun is used to administer them over a large area or at specific points. The needle is no longer than 4 millimetres and is specially sharpened to avoid unnecessary bleeding. unnecessary bleeding. The micro-injections trigger a chain of reactions of effects from neural therapy, acupuncture and pharmacology. pharmacology. For the treatment, different medicines are injected in high are injected under the skin in high dilutions using specially applied under the skin. The stimulation of the reflex points and the action of the stimulating and regenerative effects on the skin. the skin. The gun also has the advantage that various infiltration techniques can be pre-programmed and the skin can be pre-tensioned with a stamp. the skin with a stamp, which takes some of the pain out of the procedure. of the procedure. However, the pre-stressing can also be done by hand by a trained therapist. with the hand.

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