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Own fat instead of implant

In addition to the use of implants, there is also the possibility of autologous fat there is also the option of autologous fat injections. For many women who who suffer from a sagging, sunken buttocks and are reluctant to have an implant is often a suitable alternative. With the same method that is used for breast augmentation with autologous fat, can also be used to plump up the buttocks with autologous fat, which has previously been taken from other parts of the body. The methodological improvements in fat preparation and injection technique have led to an increase in the popularity of breast the popularity of breast augmentation with autologous fat, but also that of over the years. The advantage of autologous fat is its tolerance as a natural as the body's own material.

For whom is buttock augmentation with autologous fat a real alternative? 

 If you are sceptical about implants
 For existing fat deposits that can be suctioned off
 For sagging or sunken buttocks (e.g. after a diet).
 If there is a desire to plump up the natural curves of the buttocks
 If there is a desire to enlarge the buttocks as desired (in several steps)
Combined body shaping: Liposuction for fat harvesting optimises the silhouette and at the same time provides own fat for the buttock augmentation. Learn more

Surgery duration: 3-4h depending on individual findings
Narcosis variant: General anaesthesia
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Intensive recovery phase two weeks, sport & heavy physical exertion after six weeks

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