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Modelling the buttocks and calves

Butt and calf implants are becoming more and more popular. Special surgical techniques therefore make it possible to replace the missing to replace the missing natural volume of the buttocks or calves. With a liposuction as a supplement, legs or buttocks can be symmetrically be modelled. Goal: Restoring lost volume and modelling buttocks and modelling of the buttocks and calves. The incisions required to insert the cushions incisions are made in the hollow of the knee (calf implantation) or in the vertical buttock the vertical fold of the buttocks, so that the scars are hidden. scars are hidden. Once the implants have been inserted, this is reflected in a symmetrical symmetrical appearance and a scar that is as invisible as possible. invisible scar. The implants are not palpable, allow unrestricted movement and offer a completely natural feeling of natural seating sensation.

OP indication

 Too small, flabby, flat or assymetric buttocks (buttocks) or calves
 Implant exchange
 Reconstruction, e.g. after trauma

Surgery duration: about 3-4h
Narcosis variant: General anaesthesia
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Intensive recovery phase two weeks, sport & heavy physical exertion after six weeks

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