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For whom could a labiaplasty be of interest?

Individual predisposition or several pregnancies can favour a hypertrophy of the labia. Many affected women suffer increasingly from from the labia minora being too long and protruding between the labia majora. between the labia majora. In addition, there can be a proportional imbalance may occur. Even ordinary activities, such as activities such as cycling, horseback riding or sexual intercourse can be or sexual intercourse. Wearing tight-fitting clothing can also can also cause an unpleasant feeling or even pain. In addition to the physical impairment, the psychological burden must not be disregarded. should not be disregarded. Many of those affected develop an immense feel immense shame that leisure activities such as going to the sauna or nudist sauna or nudist activities simply impossible. The developing psychological problems that develop can have an additional partnership. In this day and age, a labiaplasty is not only considered a possible physical and/or psychological stress, a labiaplasty is also very for purely aesthetic reasons. The reasons for this can be The increasingly widespread trend towards intimate shaving can be cited as a reason for this.


The surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia or twilight sleep, as desired. or twilight sleep. Depending on the individual findings, the correction correction takes about 60-90 minutes. The excess skin of the labia minora is removed and the is removed and, taking into account the balance between form and function, is form and function to create a harmonious overall appearance.

Surgery duration: 1-1,5h
Narcosis variant: Local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia, twilight sleep
Hospitalisation: not required
After the surgery: Intensive recovery phase two weeks, grace period four weeks

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