Cosmetic surgery

Aquafilling (Los Deline™)

Los Deline™ is an injectable gel consisting of 97 to 98 percent physiological saline and 2 to 3 percent copolymer polyamide gel. Without surgery, this innovative gel can reshape body contours and build volume... read more


With the surgical abdominoplasty, excess skin and fatty tissue can be removed. If If necessary, the abdominal muscles can be tightened at the same time, scars on the lower abdomen (e.g. after Caesarean section or earlier operations) can be removed and abdominal wall hernias can be closed... read more

Breast enlargement

In the field of cosmetic surgery, breast breast augmentation has been among the most popular procedures for many years. popularity. The number of women who decide to undergo this type of surgery is to undergo such a surgical procedure is steadily increasing.... readmore

Breast reduction & breast lift

Do you wish to have a surgical breast reduction or breast lift? Depending on Depending on the initial situation, only a reduction, a reduction with additional reduction with additional tightening or only a tightening... read more

Cellulite treatment (LPG endermology)

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits in the connective tissue: the so-called "orange peel skin" forms. "orange peel skin". This phenomenon, which is particularly typical for women is fat storage in the fat cells in the lower skin tissue. skin tissue... read more

Earfold® Ear Correction

For the correction of protruding ears - a treatment with results that can be demonstrated in advance. Earfold® is an implant for the outpatient, minimally invasive minimally invasive treatment and correction of protruding ears, which in most cases rapid recovery... read more

Facelift: Aptos Lifting

The inventor of the method, the Moscow doctor and surgeon Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze, called his lifting threads "Aptos". Marlen Sulamanidze, called his lifting threads "Aptos". He derives "Aptos" from the from the technical term "antiptosis", "ptosis" means hanging, "antiptosis" counteracts counteracts all sagging, it lifts, it lifts. Aptos and lifting are therefore words with similar meanings... read more

Facelift: Golden Lifting

The Golden Lifting offers the possibility of of the facial skin or other parts of the body (e.g. sagging, wrinkles, etc.). (e.g. sagging, wrinkles, etc.). Fine threads of pure 24-carat gold are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue in combination with a thread into the subcutaneous tissue... read more

Facelift: Surgery

The ageing process of our skin leads to the the age of 40, the skin begins to show the familiar signs of ageing. sagging skin of the face and neck. Due to the slackening of the skin skin tension, a clearly older appearance is often no longer in harmony with the "inner age"... read more

Liposuction (fat removal)

A look in the mirror makes many people dissatisfied. The reason for this are the famous fat deposits in the problem areas. problem areas, which can neither be controlled by exercise nor by dieting. but with liposuction (fat removal) they can be... read more

Eyelid lift

Based on a special methodology of aesthetic and reconstructive reconstructive eyelid surgery, the eyelid muscles are tightened at the same time. eyelid muscles, which is very important for the sustainability of the result. important for the sustainability of the result. The tension of the upper eyelid is achieved by a gentle tightening of the tissue by means of high frequency technology... read more

Lipedema Liposuction

A look in the mirror makes many people dissatisfied. The reason for this are the famous fat deposits in the problem areas. problem areas, which can neither be controlled by exercise nor by dieting. or dieting, but with liposuction they can be... read more

Scar correction

The operation is performed under local or general anaesthesia. You will be informed separately about the details and risks of the anaesthetic procedure. will be explained to you separately. In uncomplicated cases, it is sometimes sufficient to cut out the scar and cut out the scar and sew it up again... read more

Upper arm lift

Due to high weight loss or a genetic predisposition, the skin on the upper arms can become flabby. Due to the loss of elasticity and tightening of the skin, unsightly excess skin forms excess skin on the inner sides of the upper arms, which can hardly be can hardly be influenced... read more

Buttock and calf implants

Everyone dreams of a firm, beautiful butt and shapely calves. If you have a small and/or flabby butt by nature buttocks by nature, even targeted muscle building in the gym in the gym do not bring much in most cases... read more

Buttock enlargement with autologous fat

In addition to the use of implants, there is also the possibility of autologous fat there is also the option of autologous fat injections. For many women who who suffer from a sagging, sunken buttocks and are afraid of an implant and are reluctant to have implants, this is often a suitable alternative... read more


Individual predisposition or several pregnancies can favour a hypertrophy of the labia. Many affected women suffer increasingly from the labia minora, which are too long and can protrude between the labia majora... between the labia majora... read more

Sweat gland removal

A new form of treatment for excessive sweating in the armpit area (hyperhidrosis axillaris) in the armpit area (hyperhidrosis axillaris) is suction curettage. It has only been performed for a few years at individual centres in Germany. in Germany... read more

Anti-Aging & Co.

Wrinkle treatment (Botox, Dermalive, Hyalsystem, PMS, Juviderm, Belotero, Restylane)

Collagen and elastic fibres are constantly broken down as we age, leading to wrinkles on our skin. The subcutaneous tissue that supplies the skin with nutrients slowly shrinks and becomes thinner, mainly due to the loss of moisture in this area... read more

Injection lipolysis (fat-away injection)

Often it is only small areas that bother us on our body. But precisely where we would like to lose weight, we do so with difficulty or not at all. Problem zones in the form of fat deposits have been very successfully addressed by liposuction for years. Recently, there is the possibility to dissolve smaller disturbing fat deposits simply with an injection, the so-called injection lipolysis... read more

Lip modelling

When it comes to beauty, full lips are usually a positive thing. However, as we get older and the volume of our skin decreases or wrinkles form on the lips, such as the upper lip wrinkles, these can be treated with us... read more

Liquid facelift

For many, the classic facelift is associated with scepticism and fears. of surgically removing and tightening the skin under general anaesthesia. and tightening the skin. However, the decision against such an operation does not mean, that you have to live with the annoying wrinkles. The "Liquid face lift" offers a gentler alternative, in which the face is gently can be rejuvenated gently and without the use of a scalpel... read more


For some years now, mesotherapy has also found its way into the field of aesthetic medicine and will enrich it in many directions. Here, different active ingredients are brought into different skin layers with special injection techniques... read more

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Effective wrinkle treatment, skin rejuvenation or hair growth stimulation with natural hair growth with natural products is the wish of many patients... of many patients... read more

Laser & Photoderm Therapy

Spider veins | Varices (varicose veins)

Spider veins are known to develop due to female hormones and pregnancy, but they also develop under the influence of these hormones during or after puberty. The most common place where these abnormal blood flow patterns appear on the body is around the thighs, where they are often seen as an isolated lesion. Contact

Couperose | Rosacea

Whether couperose or rosacea, both mean a loss of quality of life. Especially in the area of the facial skin and décolleté, those affected literally no longer feel comfortable in their skin due to the visible changes, which are not only visually unpleasant but also emotionally stressful - a burden they have to carry around with them every day until treatment is found. Contact

Permanent hair removal (PhotoDerm® HR)

The PhotoDerm® HR is a laser-like device that generates pulsed light of high high energy. This light energy can be used to permanently and gently and facial hair can be removed permanently and gently. At Unlike lasers, the PhotoDerm® HR can be used to remove considerably more hair colours for different skin types can be treated... read more

Photorejuvenation (skin rejuvenation)

Intense pulsed light technology (IPL) is a groundbreaking treatment treatment method that corrects a variety of benign skin conditions, including such as imperfections of the facial skin, age spots, marks, unwanted hair, unsightly small veins, etc, age spots, moles, unwanted hair, unsightly small veins and other blemishes. and other blemishes... read more

Pigment removal

The desire for young, beautiful skin has been around as long as mankind. But no one can be perfect - even with the best intentions and treatments! A few stubborn pigment spots can pop up now and then. However, there are ways to get rid of these blemishes as well... read more


Millions of women and men suffer from enlarged veins on the face (couperose), liver spots, port-wine stains, blemishes, age spots, scars and excessive hair growth. The development PhotoDerm®VL opens up a new dimension in the safe and effective removal effective removal of these unsightly skin changes. Without simply with the light beam of the PhotoDerm® VL... read more

Tattoo removal

If you are considering laser treatment for your tattoo, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. We will inform you individually about success rates and risks to help you decide whether you want to get rid of your tattoo permanently or not. Contact

Fraxel laser treatment

Acne scars

Laser treatments for acne scars and other scars can help to eliminate the unsightly remnants of wound healing. They are often a psychological burden that affects personal appearance, but effective treatment reduces them so much in many cases that you can hardly recognise what was once there... to the Fraxel Laser Treatment

Stretch marks (stretch marks)

Stretch marks often occur in pregnant women, during weight loss or when building muscle. The cause of these marks is reduced fibroblast activity, which may be hormonal. Due to the increased stretching of the skin, it can no longer repair itself, resulting in a sub-surface (hypotrophic) scar that becomes visible as stretch mark-like patches on the body... to the Fraxel Laser Treatment

Wrinkle treatment

Wrinkles make you look older - and if there are only a few, the years will melt off your face. Fractional laser treatment can reduce existing wrinkles without surgery or injections and give you a younger appearance - and without any pain! Our experts at INNOVAMED will be happy to tell you more about this gentle method of reducing skin wrinkles with the Fraxel Laser... to the Fraxel Laser treatment

Melasma & Chloasma

The skin condition known as melasma affects the complexion of many women, especially in middle age. This condition causes dark patches in various places such as the forehead and temples, which may also be accompanied by other symptoms.
The word "melas" comes from the Greek and means "dark". When someone has this hormone problem, there is an increase in the darkness of the melasma because the blood vessels are overloaded with black pigment.... to the Fraxel laser treatment

Pigmented lesions

Pigmented lesions are an extremely common phenomenon. This is hardly surprising, given the fact that natural ageing processes and hormonal changes that natural aging processes and hormonal changes... influence the distribution of the pigment melanin in the skin... to the Fraxel Laser Treatment

Enlarged pores

When it comes to beauty, no one wants to have an uneven complexion. However, the reality is far from Instagram-filtered, and this leads to many people having large pores in their complexion or even clogged sebaceous glands, which can leave them feeling unattractive every day until they find out how these problems came about - and what treatments work best to fix them.... to the Fraxel Laser Treatment

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